Exactly! Surely you recognise Alice in Wonderland, right? Tokyo and Fukuoka are the only places in Japan you can find branded shop with all accessories, clothing and food related to the story. The store official name is “Alice on Wednesday” and today is Wednesday, so…

I attempted to enter the shop in March, but was greeted by 2 hours queue and I wasn’t ready to test my patience back then. Today it went very smoothly, no line in front of the entrance at all. Great!

You enter the shop through a tiny doors, so you have to bend a bit to fit in. There are three floors presenting different type of stock: 1st floor is food (mainly cookies) and drinks, 2nd floor is jewellery, mugs and other random accessories, 3rd floor has clothing and bags.

Quite cool!

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Written by Tomasz Lisiecki
Hey, my name is Tomasz. I am an open-minded and hard-working individualist living in the ever-raining land called The Great Britain. I am running my own company and a YouTube channel.