It’s quite challenging and mind-boggling – describing a person from head to feet, that is. Constantly guarding the truth from ever-looming bias and taking into consideration person’s background and all life choices he or she made… . I always wondered how writers make biographies happen without letting their own opinions slip through fingers and stain the message.

Regardless, I would like to face the task and introduce myself to you. It isn’t another “that’s all I am” description, in fact it won’t be much at all. I learnt the perception is one’s individual burden and regardless of one’s effort people will discard the truth and see what they want to see – for a horse is a horse, ain’t?

I am Tomasz (ang. Thomas). I am a Polish-born guy in mid-twenties discovering the World and taking given opportunities each day. I strongly believe in the self-development and that procrastination is a road to nowhere. I wake up every day fully motivated and ready to crack-on with my life, because I second an opinion that says “nothing is free and if you want something, just fucking get it”. Yes, I like to swear, too.

So far my full-steam-ahead stance brought me to the point where I am a sole director in my company, I provide support to customers, who bought an application that I’ve invented, I gym 6 times a week while following a very strict diet, I own a new car, I live in a flat with my lovely partner and started to crawl among others on the stock market. I am still hungry for more, hence this blog and many other plans ahead.

I recently read a book, which started like this (a rough translation):

Dreams don’t come true. Dreams are made true.

– simple, yet powerful sentence. Sincere thanks to Jakub B. Bączek for this refreshening thought.

Apart from that I boil in self-confidence. I have a big ego and high self-esteem. I like to know better than others and be a thorn in people’s ass when I have to. Oh, I also like money, but you’ve probably managed to judge me on that already. Still keen on reading on?

So what about this blog? Well, I will put up all sorts of scribbles. I like to go wild on travelling, so if I get a chance to share my experience I will. Maybe how to lose weight? Why not. Or how about running a company in UK? Sure! I’d also like for this place to become a temple where people can find motivation to push their plans forward without losing their head. I am really really bad at pep talks, but going back to what I said – I hope you, as a reader, will find something you want to find. All in all, there will be variations of blog entries, so something for everyone.

I warmly welcome you to my place. Make yourself at home (or try).