Yes! Two weeks of true summer has started. I am staying on Ishigaki Island until 3rd of May and Okinawa Island until 10th of May giving me plenty of time to catch some tan, do some snorkeling and meet the locals.

The only way to get here is by air. Unfortunately all ferries were put out of business, so for those willing to see this part of Japan the transportation is very monopolised. It still qualifies as a domestic flight, so even if you are in the busiest Tokyo craving some peace, just book a budget flight and get yourself over here. No tourist visa rules are violated!

First impression is there is not much to do on the island. It’s very casual, peaceful and without any fast-pacing industrial world. However before I give all my hopes up, I will try and explore all the corners in the following days.

Today, I only managed to go out to see the coast. Apparently there is only so many beaches here and I am definitely not next to one. Instead of a beach I found 500 meters of sharp and rocky floor topped with tons of fossils going deep in the ocean. The whole grounds here are habited with crabs, fish and other unknown moving things. I have also noticed plenty of broken china, glass, house piece, which are probably leftovers after tsunamis washed out the land while ago.

Talk later!

Written by Tomasz Lisiecki
Hey, my name is Tomasz. I am an open-minded and hard-working individualist living in the ever-raining land called The Great Britain. I am running my own company and a YouTube channel.