To further explore the Island and to make the best out of the weather I rented a car. They drive on the same side of the road like UK, so driving was a breeze. The most shocking part to me was the automated gearbox, which I am not used to. At the beginning I was a bit confused, but it quickly grew on me. Now I get why people love them!

Here in Japan manual gearbox is actually more expensive to get and doesn’t come default in a new car. That’s opposite to the European market where the automated gearbox is rather a luxury.

I travelled far north to the Kabira Bay, which is the most photographed spot on the island. It’s famous for turquoise water colour and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Booming business of glass-bottom boats is getting more and more popularity, though I didn’t tempt myself. The view from the beach was amazing enough!

Since it’s almost entirely enclosed by the land, water temperature gets crazy later in the season. When I touched it, it was hot like in a bathtub. Shame swimming is prohibited due to the boat traffic and jelly fish.


Written by Tomasz Lisiecki
Hey, my name is Tomasz. I am an open-minded and hard-working individualist living in the ever-raining land called The Great Britain. I am running my own company and a YouTube channel.