The day began lazy although Raphael and Natalie from Germany, who were our flatmates, suggested to have a cocktail evening. While they were off to the very northern Sunset beach on a moped, me and Joanna made it a mission to find all necessary ingredients. We decided to prep piña colada, daiquiri, mojito and sea breeze (consists of cranberry and grapefruit juices).

The biggest unknown was white rum. It’s not common in Japan. We searched in all superstores around and yet we failed. I made a call to our host to ask for any directions and he pointed us to the only place, which was supposed to have it in stock. Long story short, they had it! Along with a few bottles of polish spiritus, which we will ignore for a moment 😛

The ride back on the bikes was difficult as we were buried under the shopping bags, but we somehow managed and drinks turned out incredible.

Written by Tomasz Lisiecki
Hey, my name is Tomasz. I am an open-minded and hard-working individualist living in the ever-raining land called The Great Britain. I am running my own company and a YouTube channel.