Where to shop in Tokyo if not in shinjuku & shibuya. Let me put it that way. If you haven’t found what you are looking for right there, it doesn’t exist. Simple as that. Since these are my last 2 weeks in Tokyo, I wanted to make sure to stuff my luggage with all souvenirs and gifts I could get my hands on.

My first and main stop was Loft, shop which can easily entertain you for a long few hours. It’s like Yodobashi but with rather non electronic products: stationery, furniture, clothing, eyewear, plants, home decor etc. I left with a bag full of awesomeness. Unfortunately I can’t go into specifics as those are gifts and some of you reading this are recipients, so….

Then a Disney Store which was adjacent to the Loft. Then Big Camera full of cameras and lenses on the opposite side of the road, next onto Harajuku to visit Nike Store, ABC Mart and some other local shops. You get the idea =)

At the end, I couldn’t feel me legs as I walked this whole time and manoeuvring in the crowd. Fun!

Written by Tomasz Lisiecki
Hey, my name is Tomasz. I am an open-minded and hard-working individualist living in the ever-raining land called The Great Britain. I am running my own company and a YouTube channel.